icon_versand Do the right thing and adopt our solutions for your retail business.

If you opt for the innovative advarics merchandise management system solutions for the retail sector, you always have a good overview of all the operations and business processes in your company leaving you to focus on the basics: securing the success of your business.

Warenwirtschaftslösungen und Kasse für den Lifestyle-Einzelhandel
Warenwirtschaftslösungen und Kasse für den Lifestyle-Einzelhandel

icon_versand Do the right thing and adopt our solutions for your retail business.

If you opt for the innovative advarics merchandise management system solutions for the retail sector, you always have a good overview of all the operations and business processes in your company leaving you to focus on the basics: securing the success of your business.

All your benefits at a glance

advarics.retail - the basis for success

The basic license not only provides you with all the basic functionalities for your merchandise management system such as master data and item management but you also benefit from an established customer information system and an unlimited number of workstations in your system.

  • Including 1 user login and 1 location/store
  • Master data and item management function
  • Customer information system with customer management, statistics, marketing and turnover
  • Order module, order management, incoming goods and labelling
  • Complete set of correction options and returns
  • Unlimited number of workstations
advarics.cash - this solution will keep the cash tills ringing

The advarics.cash software is an online cash system that also remains fully functional offline. You know what your inventory level is in real time and have all the details of your store postings at your fingertips. You can use any standard payment method besides vouchers, credit slips, delivery notes and invoices.
 If you connect the system to signature pads, you can also use advarics.cash as an paperless checkout which reduces voucher management at the point of sale.

  • Online cash system with offline functionality
  • Real-time inventory information including pictures of articles
  • Stock transfer between stores
  • Customer registration and management
  • Claims administration
  • Vouchers, credit notes, delivery notes, invoices, samples
  • Any payment type (cash, ATM, credit cards, vouchers, extra payment types etc.) possible
  • Integrated EFT terminals for electronic payment types; the automatic card recognition reduces error rate by 98%
  • Integrated signature pads for paperless checkout processes including archiving of documents
  • Integrated tax-free refund
  • Global sales slip management across all stores and all points of sale
  • POS television
  • Possible to integrate signature pads
Users - take advantage of all the options

Create your individual rights management system and adapt the areas of responsibility in your company as you wish at any time.

  • Each user is given password-protected access to the merchandise management system
  • Including individual rights and operation options
Invoices - can I have the bill please?!

The invoice function perfectly covers all the requirements of the financial accounting system as prescribed by law.

  • Customer quotation and customer order
  • Recording, processing and management of samples, delivery notes, invoices and credit notes
  • Sales to affiliated companies
  • Accounts receivable and customer order management

As an open platform, advarics uses advarics.api to offer a wide range of access possibilities via web services. Whether reading or writing or both - anything is possible. In this way, advarics can be extended at will with individual services and applications as add-ons.

Store management - everything at a glance!

You can use the store management software to control and manage every store in your company as well as possible, organize store groups and carry out transfers at all locations.

  • Management and control of all store locations and the store group
  • Store transfers, delivery notes and delivery note records
Never out of stock!

With the NOS function, you always have the right stock levels in the warehouse and can control and monitor your standard product range in a flexible way.

  • Control and monitoring of standard product ranges
  • Minimum and maximum stock levels per store, definable by color and size
  • Automatic late order suggestions for the sorting of minimum stock levels
  • Automatic order dispatch by EDI, e-mail or fax possible
Invoice verification - because control is better

The invoice verification software makes sure you leave nothing in your business to chance and gives you a quick and accurate overview of all aspects of the company’s financial situation.

  • Monitoring and reconciliation of delivery notes with supplier invoices
  • Automatic post calculation of purchase and sales prices
Online shop - the interface to your e-commerce

You can use the ideal connection to your e-commerce with our online-shop interface which gives you a real-time update on the current stock in your system.

  • Handover of item data and real-time stock levels via a standardized online-shop interface
  • Import and automatic debiting of item turnover from the online shop
  • Import and allocation of customer sales

The fully integrated digital storefront solution based on real-time data for displaying inventory to the end consumer. Easy to adapt and integrate into own websites, social media channels etc. This module can be used without additional costs.

EDI - labor saving electronic data interchange

Electronic data interchange with your suppliers not only helps you save time and work, it also allows a connection to leading purchasing associations.

  • Connection to leading purchasing associations
  • Electronic data interchange and data provision between advarics and the supplier
  • EDI processes reduce errors, save time and minimize costs
Data Warehouse - your company statistically speaking

The Business Intelligence solution (BI) allows you to benefit from modern and flexible reporting tools and create your own evaluation and reporting standards.

  • Individual reports and evaluations
  • Dynamic and statistical analyses
  • Including state-of-the-art visualization techniques
  • All evaluations access your operational data in real time – no data interchange is necessary for the evaluation of cubes or similar
Corporate planning - plan your business success

The planning software helps you to make any plans you wish for your company and react quickly to any changes in your business. Another benefit: The software is not a third-party system but is integrated directly into the system.

  • Corporate planning
  • Sales, revenue and limit planning
  • Management of own planning master data
  • Individual planning structure and hierarchy
  • Budgeting and purchasing limits for orders
  • Adaptable to business areas, stores, merchandise groups and suppliers
  • Unit and value planning possible
  • Comparisons and evaluations possible for target, actual and plan
  • Individual planning dashboards for executive board
Rental software - and you’re halfway there

Here, you can use the perfect interface to leading rental software suppliers.

  • Transfer of item data to the rental software
  • Provision of ID/EAN numbers, designation and sales price
  • Automatic booking of sales from the rental software
  • Transfer of customer data
  • Joint daily closing for cashier accounting
Financial accounting - save time and money

The Financial Accounting interface transfers all the checkout turnover to the accounting software and then, if desired, directly to your tax consultant. This lightens the daily workload of your accounts department and helps to avoid errors and save time.

  • open and flexible interface
  • individual configuration and mapping options of G/L accounts
  • Protocols and reports on transferred data
Delivery Module - your parcel shipments

The Delivery Module helps you to keep track of your parcel shipments and logistics. It might be a customer order, a sample, a delivery note or supplier return - whatever the situation, you have control!

Document archiving - to make sure nothing gets lost!

You can link your original documents such as supplier delivery notes, invoices or sales slips to your booking processes in advarics.retail and can search, display or print them at any time using automatic tagging.

  • Document archiving of all types of document in ERP
  • Supplier delivery notes and invoices
  • Orders
  • Automatic tagging
  • Filing and control of administrative processes
Customer orders - your services

The Customer Order Module helps you offer your customers better service!

  • Take and manage customer orders
  • Customer orders automatically trigger supplier orders if there is a lack of availability. Including tracking of goods and notification on receipt of goods
  • Overview of delivery status and customer notification
advarics mobile app

Keep up to date with the mobile app. Developed for Apple iOS, Windows Phone and Google Android operating systems. You can find the advarics.mobile app in your app store.

  • Real-time turnover inquiry
  • Possible to provide turnover by store and point of sale
  • Graphic display
  • Item information
  • Real-time stock information across all stores